Banded Beast

Banded Beast was established in 2020 right outside of the Mississippi Delta. All products are individually hand crafted with bridle leather from the United States.

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It all began with the love of a dog.

After rescuing Holly while working at the County Seat Animal Hospital, we quickly became best friends. We were inseparable as she would follow me around and even came with me on my hunting trips.

Holly and I have always appreciated the highest of quality. That is why I began hand crafting my own hunting accessories with Bridle Leather because of its hundreds of years of artisan craftsmanship, its durable nature, and longitivtiy. Quality and satisfaction is my main focus but my goal in handcrafting each item is to offer a unique and classy product that will quickly become a favorite.

Duck Strap photo on boat
leather strap work station
equipment with seal showing
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